About Us


United Memorial Bible Services(UMBS) has been providing memorial Bibles to union affiliates for over two decades. Started in 1996, UMBS grew under the direction of Ben Parrish, who would lead the business to tremendous growth. Soon UMBS would be acquired by Good Will Publishers, a family owned company that began as a door to door Bible business over 75 years ago. Now in it’s fourth generation of ownership, Good Will Publishers and UMBS are growing and expanding their reach but are still dedicated to the same mission upon which they were founded — to provide memorial Bibles and other bereavement gifts to comfort those grieving the loss of a loved one. We are proud of this legacy and look forward to continuing to develop more bereavement products that can shine a light of hope in a grieving heart.


UMBS specializes in providing memorial Bibles in presentation chests for organizations who wish to present a unique and permanent family keepsake. Displayed at a visitation, these memorial Bibles / presentation chests feature a custom-inscribed message of sympathy from your union. Surprisingly cost effective, these beautiful tributes are only about half the cost of a representative floral spray.

Ordered & Shipped

Products are handled and shipped right here in Charlotte, North Carolina.


We offer the unique opportunity for you to be able to personalize each product with custom inscriptions, personalized inserts and hand written cards available.


Presentation of one of our products is sure to be treasured by the recipient for years and generations to come giving a lasting impression.


UMBS is proud to have served over 10,000 unions across the country over the last twenty years and looks forward to serving many more in the coming years. Here are just a few of the unions we have served:


Memorial Bibles

KJV, Catholic and African American Heritage bibles with special sections to help with bereavement.

Bereavement Volumes

We provide bereavement volumes specifically written for Veteran, Law Enforcement and general bereavement.